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Capcom Election Results vote DMC5 as publisher’s best game

Capcom recently held a global election campaign in which fans were able to vote for their favourite video game from the publisher, as well as their favourite character. With over 250,000 votes, the results are in – and quite surprising.

Those who took part in the election were asked 10 questions, with the main two being to vote for their favourite Capcom game and character. Rather surprisingly, the Devil May Cry series took the crown for both questions, with DMC5 taking the top spot for favourite game, and Dante being the people’s favourite character. The top 3 games and characters are as follows:


  1. Devil May Cry 5
  2. Dino Crisis
  3. Resident Evil 4 (2023)


  1. Dante (Devil May Cry)
  2. Leon S. Kennedy (Resident Evil)
  3. X (Mega Man)

When asked “Are there any Capcom game series (including spinoff games) that you would like to see get a sequel or new game?” the results were as follows:

  1. Dino Crisis
  2. Mega Man
  3. Devil May Cry

The full list of questions and answers, including a complete breakdown of the votes by country, gender, age and more can be found HERE.

It’s rather interesting to see Devil May Cry take the top spot for both favourite game and character. With it having been half a decade since the last entry, it seems people are hungry for more DMC.

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