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Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah leave BioWare

For the past several years, BioWare has struggled to maintain its reputation as a studio and video game developer. After a string of disappointing titles, as well as reports of crunch and other internal issues, many had hoped that the studio would be able to get back on its feet soon enough. It would appear as though things have taken a slight tumble, as Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah, two high-up names within BioWare, are leaving the studio.

In a statement by BioWare, the studio announced that Hudson, who was the General Manager at BioWare, and Darrah, who was the executive producer on the upcoming Dragon Age title “have decided to move on from BioWare.”

According to the studio, “Christian Dailey, who joined BioWare from Blizzard, will be leading our Dragon Age project currently in development”. That being said “The search for a new GM is underway,” meaning there is currently no replacement – suggesting perhaps that the leave on Hudson’s part was sudden and unplanned.

In a statement, Casey Huden said “It’s profound and humbling to look back on a decades-long career and think about the things we’ve achieved together. It’s hard to make the decision to move on, but I’m excited about what’s next, for all of us.”

In his own statement, Darrah claimed that “This has been a very difficult decision for me. The team of amazing developers on Dragon Age, make my life fuller and better. They have taught me so much. But the strength of the team is also what makes this possible. I know that Dragon Age won’t just survive without me, it will thrive.”

What this means exactly for the future of BioWare and its projects is currently unknown, but Hudson, Darrah and BioWare appear to all be remaining optimistic. Hopefully fans of the studio and its titles will feel the same way. The statements from Casey Hudson, Mark Darrah, and BioWare can be found HERE, HERE, and HERE, respectively.

KitGuru says: What do you think of this departure? Does it spell bad news in your opinion? What do you think of BioWare currently? Let us know down below.

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