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Cyberpunk 2077 features full lip sync for all of its dubbed languages

While dubbing a piece of media into a different language is great for accessibility, it can sometimes be immersion breaking as the lip movements often fail to match with the dialogue itself. While video games can in theory alleviate this, many developers opt not to, creating a degree of dissonance between what is on screen and what is being heard. Luckily for those who plan to pick up Cyberpunk 2077, this shouldn't be an issue, as the game will feature full lip sync for all of its dubbed languages.

As revealed by Miles Tost, in discussing CDPR’s facial animation technology, the senior level designer at CD Projekt Red said, “One thing I am particularly proud my colleagues have accomplished with this is having full lip syncs for dubbed languages that often get less support. <3”

The languages set to receive a dub include English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Mandarin and Japanese. Especially as the game plays out in first-person, being able to match the movements of the character’s lips with the words they are speaking will help further the immersion of the world.

Recently, many fans expressed disappointment at the fact that Ghost of Tsushima, while offering a Japanese dub alongside English subtitles, only included lip sync for the English dub, despite being set in Japan. It is good to see that CD Projekt Red is trying to give as many players as possible an equally immersive experience.

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KitGuru says: Does lip sync in game matter to you? Which language will you play the game in? Which language would you like to see the game dubbed to? Let us know down below.

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