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FFXVI update adds much-requested motion blur toggle

While Final Fantasy XVI launched to a great deal of fanfare, a number of players suffered from visibility options due to the game’s implementation of motion blur. Following fan outcry, a new update has brought with it multiple new quality-of-life improvements.

Final Fantasy XVI update 1.03 has now dropped for PS5, bringing with it some much-requested options including:

  • Motion Blur Strength: Adjust the strength of motion blur when in motion
  • Player Follow (Movement): Disable camera following during player movement
  • Player Follow (Attack): Disable camera following during player attacks.
  • Camera Sensitivity Increase: Maximum camera sensitivity setting raised from 10 to 20
  • New Controller Layouts: Three new controller layouts introduced

The full patch notes can be found HERE, however the addition of the motion blue toggle is by far the most exciting. The multitude of new auto-camera movement options should also help alleviate any motion issues suffered by players.

Motion blur is a contentious feature, and while it can help elevate the movement and motion of a game’s visuals, it can be distracting to some. As such, it is welcome to see Square Enix not only add a motion blur toggle, but allow players to adjust its strength.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of the update? What other issues have you run into with FFXVI? What’s your opinion on motion blur? Let us know down below.

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