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HITMAN Freelancer update detailed, featuring “Expanded Player Freedom”

IO Interactive have been making a lot of moves keeping the HITMAN franchise not only alive but thriving, with the studio recently announcing that all HITMAN 3 players will receive the prior two games for free. Ahead of this update, IOI have now detailed their additional upcoming game mode – HITMAN: Freelancer.

As part of the HITMAN 3 rebrand (which will see all three titles brought into one singular package called HITMAN – World of Assassination), IOI will be releasing an update called ‘HITMAN: Freelancer’ which will shake up the core gameplay in some pretty major ways.

As detailed by IOI in a new blog post, HITMAN: Freelancer is said to be “much more of an independent experience [compared to the base game], where a lot of the surrounding work of being an assassin is put into the hands of the player. Players will have to build and maintain an arsenal of gear, but also decide on what to bring to missions, weigh up the pros and cons of having a limited gear capacity and the risk of losing valuable and hard to come by equipment.”

Emphasising just how different this gamemode will be from the rest of the game, IOI explained that “the game mode relies on randomized elements, that are rolled independently of each other. The game mode gives the player all available information, but there’s no guarantee that an objective, for instance, is possible when on the mission. To succeed, it is up to the player to ensure that a payout objective is possible, by bringing the right gear, or choosing the right combination of location, brought gear and objectives.”

HITMAN – World of Assassination has an abundance of things to do, missions to complete and people to assassinate and so it is unlikely that players are hurting for content. That said, this upcoming update seems to be opening the floodgates in a sense, making HITMAN truly the sandbox it was always meant to be. The Freelancer update will go live alongside the World of Assassination rebrand on the 26th of January.

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