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Gears of War Collection reportedly still happening

One of the Xbox’s most successful releases in recent years has been the Halo: Master Chief Collection (following a bunch of updates and patches) – bringing all the previous Halo titles onto modern platforms in a remastered format while also allowing players to hot swap the graphics, sound effects and more. It has long been rumoured that Gears of War is set to receive a similar treatment, and following a long period of silence, new leaks have sprung up reiterating that the collection is happening.

Shpeshal_Nick has amassed quite a reputation over the months and years for their Xbox-specific leaks, with the insider recently reiterating the fact that a Gears of War Collection is supposedly in the works, responding to one person on Twitter by saying:

“I keep telling @JezCorden and @Rand_al_Thor_19 that I won’t back down. It’s happening”. Adding a little bit of extra information, Nick continued, “I’m currently not allowed to give much more detail than ‘it’s happening’ at the moment (I’m working on loosening the grip) but even as someone who isn’t a big Gears fan anymore, what this is should be really awesome. Add even better adjectives for Gears fans.”

Though there has been no official announcement or acknowledgement of such a collection, from what is being said, it seems as though this bundle will indeed share many similarities with Halo: Master Chief Collection, at least in terms of its ambitions. Hopefully this means that like Halo, players will be able to switch back and forth between the old games and their remasters. We will have to wait and see.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of this rumour? Would you like to see it come to fruition? What is your favourite Gears of War title? Let us know down below.

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