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Microsoft announces new ‘frame-doubling’ technique for backward compatible Xbox games

Microsoft has long been a supporter of backwards compatibility. With the Xbox One generation, the console manufacturer brought back many of its previous Xbox 360 and original Xbox games, allowing players to re-experience these classic titles in even higher resolutions. With the Xbox Series S and X, Microsoft appears to be taking this one step further. While we already knew about auto-HDR and other improvements coming to backwards compatibility, Microsoft has now announced a new frame-doubling feature.

On its blog, Microsoft detailed this new technique which is set to bring “next-gen performance to your favorite games,” including “Higher, steadier framerates [making] games feel smoother, resulting in more immersive gameplay.”

While “Many improvements are the result of the custom designed processor that allows compatible games to play and leverage the increased CPU, GPU and memory from the new consoles,” Microsoft has “developed new methods for effectively doubling the framerate on select titles.”

While not available on all titles due to “the game’s original physics or animations,” Microsoft claims that “these new techniques the team has developed can push game engines to render more quickly for a buttery smooth experience beyond what the original game might have delivered due to the capabilities.”

Microsoft showcased this technology using Fallout 4. While the game struggled to even hit 30fps in many instances on the PS4 and Xbox One, as can be seen in the video Fallout 4 appears to be running at a smooth 60fps on the Xbox Series S.

While this technology is impressive, and appears to require very little input from the original developers, it’ll be interesting to see just how many games end up utilising this technology, or whether it will be limited to a select few games. Either way, Microsoft’s attempts to update older titles through this frame-doubling, auto-HDR, and other techniques, is appreciated.

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