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No Man’s Sky’s next major update adds settlement management

Ever since the disappointing release of No Man’s Sky back in 2015, Hello Games have been hard at work to turn the game into a success. They managed to do this, and then some, with the game receiving major updates more than 5 years after launch. The team is back with the next major update for No Man’s Sky, bringing settlement building; 250+ basebuilding parts; town defence and more.

Making the announcement on the PlayStation Blog, Sean Murray, the Founder of Hello Games introduced the No Man’s Sky update – the 17th major update since the game’s release back in 2015. Speaking on it, he said “On August 9, the 5th anniversary of our PlayStation launch, we teased our 17th update, Frontiers. Today, we are pleased to let players see what we’ve been working so hard on. It’s a huge update, with a focus on improving base building and introducing occupied settlements on planets.”

Offering greater details, the Frontiers Update – which is available now – comes with hundreds of changes both small and large, the greatest of which includes:

  • Planetary settlements where “Clusters of pioneering aliens have banded together to build planetary settlements. These little communities, bustling with life and promise, can now be found on all inhabited planets across the galaxies.”
  • Being able to create your own settlement and everything that comes with this, including “town planning, treasury management, policy decisions and conflict resolution. Every settlement is procedurally generated, with unique buildings, neighbourhood layouts, colour schemes, and interior and exterior decoration”
  • Hundreds of new base parts
  • New expedition season
  • Visual improvements including “Breathtaking nebulas,” weapon and explosion improvements and more
  • Base building improvements
  • Twitch campaign

These are but a few of the many many changes and additions being introduced with this latest update. While No Man’s Sky launched in a less-than-promised state, the current game as it sits today goes far beyond the initial promises made by the team at Hello Games – and all for free too. The full lsit of features can be found HERE.

KitGuru says: What do you think of this update? Will you pick No Man’s Sky back up? Has any other game received as much support as NMS? Let us know down below.

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