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Far Cry 6 PC features detailed

While the PC platform has suffered from less-than-optimised releases in the past, with some games offering limited resolution options, frame rate caps and more, modern games have been better at taking as much advantage of the PC platform as possible. Far Cry 6 looks to be doing the same, with the team at Ubisoft announcing all of the PC specific features and enhancements set to come with the game.

In a new overview trailer, Ubisoft revealed that the PC version of Far Cry 6 will benefit from features such as uncapped framerates and a built-in benchmark tool, which allows players to compare to previous results as well as checking VRAM usage.

Visually, the game will support ray-tracing; FidelityFX, “and many others” such as “hybrid raytraced reflections” (perhaps utilising screen-space reflections as well). The game will also support “realistic” ray-traced shadows.

All of the visual options will also be accompanied by a preview window, allowing players to see exactly what is being changed and by how much with each toggle. The game is said to be dynamic enough to handle any and all resolutions and aspect ratios, including 32:9. While the framerate is uncapped, it can be locked, and will also offer adaptive resolutions in order to ensure smooth and consistent gameplay.

Far Cry 6 will offer a HD texture pack, allowing players to maximise the graphical fidelity of the game, at the expense of harddrive space. Keyboards will offer full rebinding, including secondary inputs, allowing for complete customisation to your liking

Though likely not exclusive to PC, the game will offer many different accessibility options (such as text-to-speech and colourblind options) as well as a photo mode.

Being in partnership with AMD, it looks like Nvidia's bespoke technologies such as DLSS may not be supported. Hopefully this isn’t the case. Even so, the list of PC features is extensive and should satisfy any and all PC players.

KitGuru says: what do you think of the features? Are you excited for Far Cry 6? Do you have an Nvidia or AMD-based GPU? Let us know down below.

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