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SEGA teases mysterious 4th character for Sonic x Shadow Generations

2011’s Sonic Generations is widely regarded as one of the best entries in Sonic’s ‘modern’ existence, and so the announcement that an enhanced remaster in the form of Sonic x Shadow Generations was in the works proved to be exciting to many. Interestingly, while the game’s announcement discussed its 3 playable characters, it seems there might be a secret 4th.

As discovered by the SEGA-focused ‘Tails Channel’ on Twitter, the latest update to the Sonic x Shadow Generations page is now teasing that alongside Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic and Shadow, a 4th playable character will be included in the game, with its reveal simply stated as “coming soon”.

When Sonic x Shadow Generations was first announced, many fans expected that we might see the introduction of a Classic Shadow for the first time – and so the lack of an announcement was somewhat disappointing.

That said, it seems this might still be the case…unless SEGA are planning to bring back Blaze the Cat.

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KitGuru says: Are you looking forward to Sonic x Shadow Generations? Who do you think the 4th playable character is? Who do you ‘hope’ it is? Let us know down below.

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