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Super Mario Party gets surprise multiplayer update

Super Mario Party is one of the best selling games on the Nintendo Switch. Despite this the game saw very little in the way of post-launch support, with many fans left disappointed by Nintendo’s treatment of the game. In a surprise update, the console manufacturer has announced that the party game is receiving a major multiplayer update.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Nintendo announced an update to Super Mario Party, saying: “Keep the party going! A free update to #SuperMarioParty adds online play to the board game mode, 70 minigames , and the 2 vs 2 Partner Party mode. Available now!”

Super Mario Party’s previous lack of online support was greatly disappointing. This was doubly the case due to COVID-19, which made local co-op games unfeasible. It is therefore exciting to see Super Mario Party finally offering a robust online multiplayer experience. The full details of everything playable online can be found here.

Super Mario Party launched in October 2018, and as of the end of 2020, has sold 13.82 million copies, making it the seventh best selling game on the Nintendo Switch. Due to its sales success, it was disappointing to see Nintendo offer very little in the way of post launch support. While this latest update doesn't bring with it any new boards or minigames, the ability to play full games online with friends is certainly a massive addition to the game. Hopefully this update is the first of many.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of this update? Are you surprised by it? What other older Switch titles do you want to see get a major update such as this? Let us know down below.

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