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The Last of Us Part II composer hints at PS5 and PC release

One of the PlayStation 4’s swansongs was Naughty Dog’s most ambitious and best game yet: The Last of Us Part II. Having released the same year as the PS5, many fans have been eagerly awaiting news of a bespoke PS5 remaster. While we have still yet to hear any official word on such a re-release, the series’ composer has now given the greatest evidence of its existence.

As reported and translated by ResetEra user ‘Vito’ The Last of Us composer Gustavo Santaolalla took part in a Spanish interview where he spoke on his cameo appearance in 2020’s The Last of Us Part II. Interestingly, Santaolalla seemed to accidentally reveal that a new version of the game is in the works, saying:

“In the new editions you can make me play certain themes and well, I can't tell you anything else.”

Of course, as of right now there is only the one version of TLOU Part II. That said, considering the number of first party titles which later received a Director’s Cut , it is safe to say that a PS5 and (hopefully) PC version of The Last of Us Part II is in the works.

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