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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game passes 4 million players in a month

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an asymmetrical multiplayer title based on the classic horror franchise which sees players “take on the role of one of the notorious Slaughter family, or their victims” – not too dissimilar to the likes of Dead By Daylight or the Friday The 13th video game. This formula seems to be working, as the title has now officially passed 4 million players in its first month.

Making the announcement via Twitter, the game’s official page shared the following: “Over 4 Million players in our first month. That's a whole lot of BBQ.”

It is worth noting that 4 million players does not equate to 4 million copies sold as while the game is a premium paid experience –  costing £33.50 on Steam –  the multiplayer title was made available day-one via Xbox Game Pass.

Despite their talent, Sumo Digital has in the past struggled to get a hit on their hands and so it is encouraging to see that players have continued to flock to the game over the past month. Having initially amassed 1 million players in its first 24 hours, there was the possibility that The  Texas Chainsaw Massacre would attract a decent audience at launch but be unable to maintain its momentum. Fortunately, this does not seem to be the case. The description for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre reads as follows:

“As a victim you must use your wits and stealth to stay out of the Family's reach and find the tools you need to lead to your eventual freedom. Slaughter Family players must seek out, track down, and stop their guests from escaping. Players of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre can finally find out if they have what it takes to survive.”

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