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Upcoming Dying Light 2 DLC might add horse riding

As with the first game, the team at Techland have been adding a whole bunch of new stuff to Dying Light 2, from small changes and refinements, to entirely new gameplay styles. Thanks to a dataminer, it seems as though Dying Light 2 is set to soon get a whole new method of traversal: horse riding.

As discovered by Reddit user ‘Ghostspider1989’ the .ini file for Dying Light 2’s controls include a section dedicated to horse riding, with some of the available actions including ‘HORSE_GALLOP,’ ‘HORSE_START_MAX_SPEED’ and more, seemingly all-but confirming the fact that horse riding will come in either a future update or as part of the game’s 2nd DLC pack. We will have to wait and see, but regardless, the notion of a horse performing parkour sounds rather amusing.

Recent updates to Dying Light 2 have added a whole bunch of surprising and new mechanics including multiple parkour styles, new animations, momentum, a revamped night experience and more. Hopefully the horse update will be just as transformative.

We know Techland plan to support the game for many years to come, and so to keep players coming back they'll need to make it interesting.

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KitGuru says: What do you think of Dying Light 2’s post-launch updates so far? How would you like to see horses implemented? Let us know down below.

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