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Xbox’s July event will not occur until later in the month

Many fans were disappointed with Microsoft's most recent third-party next-gen event. The stream included ‘gameplay’ of a number of next-generation titles coming to the Series X. With that, many turned to the console manufacturer’s first-party event which was announced for July. According to one insider however, fans still have a while to wait as the event reportedly won’t take place until mid-July at the earliest.

Jez Corden, a Tech Editor and Writer at Windows Central took to Twitter to advise that fans shouldn’t “expect the Xbox event in early July btw”. With July being right around the corner, many fans have been eagerly anticipating Microsoft’s next “Xbox 20/20” event which is said to focus on Xbox’s first-party next-gen offerings, including games such as the much-anticipated Halo Infinite.

With Sony’s PlayStation 5 event taking place earlier this month, Xbox fans are now more-than-ever hoping to see what Microsoft has to offer – especially in the wake of the disappointing third-party stream.

On the 7th of May 2020, Microsoft hosted an ‘Inside Xbox’ stream focusing on third-party next-gen titles. Unfortunately, many fans were left disappointed as despite the fact that Microsoft promised gameplay, there was very little footage that could conceivably be called legitimate gameplay. This led to Microsoft representatives themselves apologising for the lack of gameplay.

July’s stream will therefore give Microsoft a chance to rectify this past mistake – and so fans have been extra excited to see what the console manufacturer has planned. If what Corden says is true however, then the wait is unfortunately slightly longer than hoped. Still, by this time next month both Sony and Microsoft would have dealt their hands in the next-gen race.

KitGuru says: Are you looking forward to Xbox’s July event? What games do you want to see presented? Will Microsoft reveal the Series X’s price? Let us know down below.


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