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Nintendo claims early Switch was stolen, user returns it

Last week we got our first real look at the back-end menu system of Nintendo’s upcoming Switch console, thanks to one lucky owner who claimed to have received it several weeks early. However the story surrounding that console has taken a darker turn, as Nintendo is now claiming that the …

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Japan to get creepy, Nier Automota PS4 to celebrate launch

To celebrate the upcoming launch of action adventure game, Nier: Automota, Sony is launching a special edition of its PlayStation 4 console with a creepy looking cover. The large, smiling, moon face covers one whole side panel of the console and comes with a downloadable wallpaper to make the carpet …

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Nintendo Switch interface leaked in deleted Tweet


One aspect of the Nintendo Switch we were disappointed not to see in our recent hands-on coverage, was the interface. How the menus look and feel when you’re not playing games can be almost as important as when you are, so it’s exciting to get a sneak peak at them, …

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Nintendo Switch hands-on: what we learned


Nintendo debuted its Switch console for the second time on 13th January in Japan, giving us details on its price, availability, online services and launch line up. But KitGuru was also invited to test out the new console at an event at London’s Hammersmith Apollo theatre. Here’s what we thought of …

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Sony has surpassed 50 million PS4 sales

While Microsoft has been putting the pressure on this year with the the launch of the Xbox One S, Sony still has a clear lead in the console market and this month, the PlayStation 4 managed to hit the 50 million sales mark. The PS4 is three years old this …

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Nintendo to end Wii U production in Japan this month


Nintendo can be a funny company at times. We have known about Nintendo’s plans to release a new home console for quite some time now, which has periodically prompted rumours of the Wii U ceasing production. In fact, just last week Nintendo denied reports that Wii U production would be …

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Nvidia Tegra powers the Nintendo Switch


Earlier today, Nintendo officially announced the Nintendo Switch (formerly known as the NX) and just as previous rumours predicted, it is a home console/handheld hybrid. While the three-minute trailer gave us a look at what sort of games to expect on the system and how it works, it didn’t dive …

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