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Xmas gift ideas? Get your KitGuru inspiration here!

The Xmas holidays seem to be a truly cross-cultural idea for the 21st century. No matter what your individual beliefs, there's something really cool about doing nice things for others – including trying to put a smile on their faces when they open up the presents. We may well hit you with more than one list this year but, for now, here's a broad spread of ideas to kick off with!

From the constant grumbles about how rubbish the later films were, to the competitive number of times everyone claims to have seen Episode IV, Star Wars is part of our culture. But is it part of your living room/bedroom?  If not, then this MASSIVE Millennium Falcon wall covering could be for you. or a friend.

The wall poster is not quite as detailed as Chris Lee's amazing effort - but it's pretty cool!

What do you do when you have an electric guitar in one hand and an iPad in the other?  How can you bridge the genetic differences and bring these two love birds together?  The answer is simple, JAM. Nope, not the strawberry type – but rather the Apogee Electronics interface version of JAM.

Just the accessory you have been searching out for your £10,000 classic Strat. Right?

Water you gonna do when the simple provision of H2O no longer pumps your nads?  How can we apply technology to the boring old tap and, in doing so, make drinking cruddy water the coolest thing ever?   Enter the wondrous land of the LED faucet!

You can just picture Kirk fighting his own personal Cling-Ons with this LED tap

Not everyone's as rich as post-floatation, major Facebook shareholder. For the rest of us, what about owning a 14 mega pixel Nikon camera – and still getting change from a £50 note?  Rock over to the folks at Jessops for this little stocking filler!

Cameras let you take photographs. But you can't use them for phone calls. It's a one-way door scenario, you see.

And finally, for now, what about the ultimate Angry Bird accessory?  It's big, it's red and it's ready to attack. Nope, not Zardon's head, but rather the latest in Angry Bird speakers. We give this gift idea a big “Kaw, Krawwww!!!!!”

Everyone loves Angry Birds. With this invention, you can enjoy them at full volume. Nice.

KitGuru says: There are a million + 1 things you can buy technology lovers, cos we're the easiest people in the world to please. Even if these five great ideas don't work 100% for you, they might provide the spark for you to find the one true gift. More inspiration will follow our perspiration (as we do the hard work for you)!

Comments below, in the KitGuru forum or on a letter to Santa!

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