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Spire TherMax Eclipse II Cooler Review

Rating: 7.0.

High performance coolers are much loved by the KitGuru audience and today we are going to review a cooler from Spire, a European manufacturer. This is a product we believe our readers will find rather intriguing. After all, the company claims that “this towering cooler is built to deliver the best thermal performance – guaranteed”!

Claiming that your product can guarantee the ‘best’ thermal performance is a very bold marketing claim, especially when the MSRP is €38.95, around half the price of massive class leading air coolers such as the Noctua NH-D14. Spire named this cooler the TherMax Eclipse II, successor to their first DT (direct touch) cooler, the TherMax. In this review we will thoroughly examine the cooler and test its overall performance, which hopefully will be in par with Spire's claims of greatness.

Manufacturer features and specifications

  • Five (5) 8mm all copper U-shaped direct touch heat-pipes
  • Straight lined heat-pipes allowing air to easily pass through
  • 46 stamped aluminum wide fins for best surface rate
  • Dimpled surface fin for increased heat transfer rate
  • Black-Nickel coated heat-sink to preserve killer looks from oxidation
  • Two (2) 120mm BlackStar 9 blade fan design
  • High Quality, Long MTBF Japanese No.1 Ball bearing
  • Anti-Vibe universal rubber fan mountings (crews)
  • Supports AM2/AM3 socket 939/940/ 775/1156 & 1366 incl. Intel Core i7 Extreme 130W
Heat sink : 131×70×152 mm (l × w × h)
12VDC Fan : 120×120×25 mm
Material Alu fin + CU heat-pipe DT base
Heatpipe Five (5) 8mm all copper U-shaped direct touch
Bearing Ball bearing
Rated speed
Cooler : 2200 RPM +/-10%
Only Fan : 2200 RPM +/-10%
Rated power 4.2 W
Rated Voltage 12 V
Noise level 29.0 dBA
Air flow 93.3 CFM
Current 0.35 A
Connector 3 Pin
TDP 150 W
Thermal resistance 0.091 oC/W
Thermal Grease BlueFrost – SP802 blue grease(Injection Tube,0.5g)
Static Pressure 3.35 mmH2O
MTBF 50000H
Intel : Celeron D ~ 2.93 GHz (340J)
Intel  : Core 2 Duo ~ 3.33 GHz (775 Dual-core)
Intel : Core 2 Extreme ~ 3.2 GHz (775 Dual-core)
Core 2 Quad ~ 3 GHz (775 Quad-core)
Core i3 ~ 3.06 GHz 1156
Core i5 ~ 2.66 GHz 1156
Core i7 ~ 3.2 GHz 1366
LGA775 ~ 3.93 GHz (Prescott)
Pentium D ~ 3.4 GHz (775 Dual-Core)
Pentium EE ~ 3.93 GHz (775 Dual-Core)
AMD : Athlon 64 FX-74 (K8)
Athlon II (AM3)
Athlon X2 (AM2/AM2+)
Phenom ~ 9950 GHz (AM2/AM2+)
Phenom II ~ 9600 GHz (AM2/AM3)
Phenom II ~ 8500 GHz (AM2/AM3)
Operating Temperature 30~70 oC
Storage Temperature -10~40 oC
Warranty 5 years
Packaging type Color Box
Package includes FAN / Clip 1 set / SP-802 grease / Manual
N.W 0.822 KG
G.W 1.3 KG
Life hours Ball: 50.000

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