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Intel Pentium G3258 ‘anniversary edition’ chip overclocked to 6.8GHz

Intel Corp.’s Pentium G3258 ‘anniversary edition’ central processing unit was overshadowed by the much more powerful Core i-series “Devil’s Canyon” processors when originally introduced earlier this year. However, it looks like the chip is a rather good overclocker that has a lot of chances to become a decent choice for inexpensive enthusiast-class PCs, at least, based on its track-record so far.

The Intel Pentium G3258 microprocessor has two cores without the HyperThreading technology that work at 3.20GHz frequency, 3MB of LLC cache, an integrated graphics core, unlocked multiplier, LGA1150 form-factor as well as 53W thermal design power. Thanks to the fact that the chip is made using 22nm fabrication process and features only two cores without the HyperTreading technology, it clearly has rather significant overclocking potential (since four cores and the HT usually limit ability to work at extreme clock-rates).

Based on the results from leading overclockers, the chip clearly can work at rather incredible clock-rates. Hwbot reports that during the Kingston HyperX OC Takeover at Computex 2014 earlier this month various contestants managed to overclock engineering samples of the Pentium G3258 product to 4.50GHz – 6.0GHz using air or liquid nitrogen cooling. Moreover, Dfordog, a well-known overclocker from China, recently managed to push the Pentium G3258 (with only one active core, though) to 6861MHz using liquid nitrogen (LN2) cooling, a G.Skill DDR3 memory module and a Z97 MPower Max AC mainboard from MicroStar International (MSI).


In general, based on overclocking results achieved using engineering samples of the Intel Pentium G3258 anniversary edition, the chip seems to have a nice potential. Unfortunately, this may, or may not, translate into fine overclocking potential of commercial versions of the central processing unit.

It is noteworthy that all overclocking records of processors in LGA1150 packaging are set on high-end motherboards based on the Intel Z79 chipset and using high-end coolers or even liquid nitrogen cooling. In real life the Intel Pentium G3258 anniversary edition chip (which costs $75/ £53/€65) will be overclocked on mainstream or entry-level motherboards using moderate coolers. It is completely unknown how well the overclocking of the CPU will work on such systems.

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KitGuru Says: While it is hard to expect the Intel Pentium G3258 anniversary edition to set up performance records, it may become a popular choice among overclockers in budget, especially if makers of mainboards enable overclocking of the unlocked entry-level processors on their mainstream offerings based on the “non-Z” chipsets.

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  1. There was a time when the CPU was the bottleneck in the system and I would give anything for a CPU that overclocks well. This is no longer the case. Eyes on SSD’s people…