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Intel’s Anna Cheng puts X79 under the Videoscope

While the KitGuru lab has burned the midnight oil to bring you the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of Intel's brand new technology, the chip manufacturer has its own view on the new platform and what it means. Once you're done reading the 40-page, in-depth testing and analysis articles, whip up a cappuccino, turn on your speakers and look at the nice moving pictures. KitGuru relaxes as X79 is put under the PCTV Videoscope.

While the raw performance data is crucial, it's also nice to see each of the new platform's key features explained by an expert – especially when the Intel guru doing the presenting is a pro-engineer like Anna Cheng.

If a picture if worth a thousand words, then how much is being packed into this feature?

KitGuru says: OK. We're big enough to admit when we're wrong. KitGuru thought nothing could make X79 look better. We never counted on Guru Cheng!

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