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NVIDIA’s 28nm chips get priority over AMD’s at TSMC

If you are in the hunt for NVIDIA's latest and greatest Gefore GTX 680, chances are you either managed to grab one out of pure luck or have given up completely. As of writing, Newegg does not have a single GTX 680 in stock. Even one of the largest PC stores down under only have a few in stock.

TSMC is giving NVIDIA priority on the 28nm manufacturing process

NVIDIA's relationship with their primary foundry, TSMC, has no doubt been unpredictable in recent times. They blamed TSMC for denting NVIDIA's competitive edge, then later credited the foundry for the efficiency of the latest Kepler cards.

At one point it got to the point where NVIDIA threatened to find another foundry, and reports arose that Samsung was preparing qualification samples. In response to this, TSMC is now giving NVIDIA priority over others such as AMD and Qualcomm for the manufacture of 28nm chips. Something that is sure to enrage AMD and only add fuel to the rumour of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 delays.

KitGuru says: While it may seem unfair of TSMC to do this, it isn't the first time it has been done.

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