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nVidia hacked – warns users to change passwords

After a malicious attack on its forums last week, it appears that graphics giant nVidia is still fighting gremlins on a major scale and, at the time of writing, was not ready to let people back in. KitGuru uses good old spy satellite technology to uncover more of the truth.

People are lazy, it’s in out nature.

For many people, once they come up with a really clever password [C13verP8w0rd you mean?  Ed], they are inclined to use it everywhere.

nVidia is warning its lazier members to change passwords everywhere, following what appears to be a significant breach of its forum’s security. The attackers made off with an array of data, including:-

  • User Names
  • Email Addresses
  • Profile Information
  • Passwords

We”re being told that the passwords were hashed – so presumably the DEA will be involved at some stage.

Having a big team of experts working on the problem for several days has not resulted in a ‘win’ for nVidia security yet, but a re-launch is expected soon.

Once the security holes have been taped over and a new coat of paint applied, nVidia will send out a huge email blast to tell users what to do in order to regain access to the forums.

"Don't Panic" say the large, friendly blue letters on the front. Well. Not yet.

KitGuru says: With suitable code, one of the most natural applications of nVidia’s new top-of-the-range Kepler cards would be ‘brute force password cracking’. Fingers crossed that the attackers were only armed with Intel integrated. nVidia should have the barricades back up soon.

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