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Report claims AMD’s RX 500 series will arrive in April as a Polaris refresh

Update: A couple of weeks ago, we first began hearing rumours of an RX 500 series coming in April. At the time, the source claimed that the RX 580 and RX 570 would be arriving in the first week of April, with the lower end RX 560 and RX 550 arriving a week later. This now appears to have changed, with the report now claiming that the RX 500 series will launch closer to the 18th of April mark.

We still don’t have much solid information pointing towards this rumour being true and with the launch coming so soon, some more concrete evidence should have leaked out by now. Still, assuming this is all still accurate, then it is likely that the RX 500 series will be a Polaris refresh, as explained in the original story below.

Original Story: Back in October, we first heard whispers that AMD had managed to improve on its Polaris architecture further, leading to higher performance per watt across the board. Since then, we have seen references to Polaris 10 XT2 and Polaris 12 in drivers and now this week, new reports are claiming that the RX 500 series will be a Polaris refresh as rumoured, with a rollout apparently set for April.

According to a report from Heise.de, AMD may be announcing the RX 580 and RX 570 on the 4th of April with an RX 560 and RX 550 apparently set to appear a week later on the 11th of April. April does seem a bit too soon for such a sudden GPU launch but if this is a Polaris refresh, then it is likely AMD can get to the rollout quicker than with brand new architecture.

These will once again be mid-range GPUs, with the RX 580, 570 and 560 said to be improved revisions of the RX 480, 470 and 460. Perhaps increased performance per watt will play a factor but there may also be clock speed bumps.

This will tide AMD over until the launch of the recently announced RX Vega, which is slated to release in the first half of this year, meaning we should have it in our hands before the end of June.

KitGuru Says: This RX 500 series information is all based on rumour for the time being so the rollout may not happen exactly as claimed here. However, given past reports of revised Polaris chips, alongside early driver references, the potential for the RX 500 series being a Polaris refresh seems fairly high. Are any of you currently waiting on new GPUs before upgrading? 

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  • Edward Kinsella

    They are suppose to be 10% faster. If it was an nvidia card there wouldn’t such complaining.
    Its was nvidia who invented rebranding.

  • David Macdonald Ajang

    This brings me back to the time when I bought a 9800GT only to find out later it was just renamed 8800GT.

  • Maurice Fortin

    with all of the exact same problems of poor solder used etc. sorry but at least AMD “rebrands” are very very rarely true rebrands, the ones that are 100% rebrands with no changes besides name are used for OEM parts, for example, the Radeon 8000 series, they were true 100% rebrands to only be used for OEM builds at lower cost for consumer to purchase, they also were more or less factory cooled and clocked nothing fancy.

    In Nv case, they rebrand stuff they know is not the best part in first place, upsell/resell what had major problems, and unsuspecting consumers buy it without doing homework first.

    AMD case IMO, at least they do have the quality of components, and generally the “rebrand” is optimized a wee bit as well usually in the range of ~5% better performance at the same clocks and around the same for power used. so “optimized rebrand” would be a far more proper way of wording this.

    Rumored they are a revision of Polaris so better performance, lower power, more efficient i.e less heat given off, as well the 560 is supposedly the full fat version using 1024+ shader and more TMU/ROP then the “old” RX 460 that we currently have in use..

  • goldenboy77

    my 2 cents the 480 is already a rebrand now another one

  • Sadiedroesch

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  • Fleming 007

    Its not. Polaris is different from Hawaii besides still using GCN.

  • [email protected]

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  • Tyrann

    480 isnt a rebrand, its just a low end card.

  • Kingtastic

    How is the 480 a low end card? Running 1080p at ultra with good fps is low end?

  • Medion

    He means relatively speaking. Look at the Nvidia consumer (not counting Titan) product stack.

    • 1080ti
    • 1080
    • 1070
    • 1060
    • 1050ti
    • 1050

    That’s 6 cards in the stack. That makes the 1080ti/1080 high-end, the 1070/1060 mid-range and the 1050/1050ti low-end. Add in the Titan and you may draw these lines differently. So, some would call the 1060 upper-low-end, and others would call it lower-mid-range. The RX 480 lines up with the 1060, so it would fall into whatever category you lump the 1060.

    He’s not wrong, but the location is a bit subjective.