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AFOX HD7850 Single Slot Crossfire Review

Rating: 8.0.

Today we take a first look at the new single slot HD7850 graphics card from AFOX. The company claim this is the ‘world's most powerful single slot graphics card' and our review will highlight Crossfire performance. If you are building a space restricted media center but don't want to compromise when gaming, are these the products you should be shortlisting?

AFOX as a brand name may be unknown to our readers, however they are a spin off from parent company Foxconn (Hon Hai Precision Industry Co) a Taiwanese multinational electronics manufacturing company based in Taipei. Foxconn manufacture a huge range of products, such as the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

There really is no question that their manufacturing capabilities are world class, so we have high hopes that the AFOX HD7850 Single Slot may be one of the best choices for a tiny media system. We already know that a single HD7850 can run out of horsepower at high resolution with some of the more demanding engines, but how about two?

Product AMD HD7970 AMD HD7950 AMD HD7870
Single Slot

Core Clock speed 925mhz 800mhz 1000mhz 860mhz
Transistors 4.31 billion 4.31 billion 2.8 billion 2.8 billion
Stream Processors 2,048 1,792 1,280 1,024
Compute Performance 3.79 TFLOPS 2.87 TFLOPS 2.56 TFLOPS 1.76 TFLOPS
Texture Units 128 112 80 64
Texture Fillrate 118.4 GT/s 89.6 GT/s 80 GT/s 55.0 GT/s
ROPs 32 32 32 32
Pixel Fillrate 29.6 GP/s 25.6 GP/s 32.0 GP/s 27.52 GP/s
Z/Stencil 128 128 128 128
Memory Clock 1,375mhz 1,250mhz 1,200mhz 1,200mhz
Memory Data Rate 5.5 GBps 5.0 Gbps 4.8 Gbps
4.8 Gbps
Memory Bandwidth 264 GB/s 240 GB/s 153.6 GB/s 153.6 GB/s

The card operates with a GPU clock speed of 860MHz, utilises 64 texture units and features 2GB of memory on a 256-bit interface which is clocked at 1200MHz (4.8 Gbps GDDR5).

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  1. single slot for a 7850 is quite impressive. ill not want them myself, but its a good idea to get your name noticed IMO. media fanbois should love this.

  2. They would work well in the latest silverstone small form factor chassis. im tempted to build a second system now, with a liquid cooling system.

  3. Its HOTTER, LOUDER and more power hungry. Even if its single slot, its a pretty big fail if u ask me.

  4. im confused, are foxconn actually behind these or is it a different company? the name surely must mean they are linked in.

  5. @ Maxwell.

    Its less power hungry, did you read the graph wrong? also single slot cards are always going to be hotter and louder. unless they can suddenly develop new fan technology that is half the size/depth which miraculously is quieter. hasn’t happened.

  6. @ Davis

    AFOX are an off-shoot of the Foxconn brand. Originally set up as a graphics division to Foxconn it soon split and became its own company.