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Mushkin Blackline Ridgeback 1600 MHz 16 GB Review (Quad Kit)

Rating: 8.0.

Today we are going to look at a quad channel memory kit from the Mushkin Blackline Ridgeback range. This kit runs at 1600 MHz with tight timings of 8-8-8-24 and is aimed at users who are looking to build a powerful X79 system without spending too much money.  It’s also fully compatible with Z77 systems although it will be obviously restricted to a dual channel configuration with this platform.

Mushkin are one of the smaller memory manufacturers operating today with a primary focus at the high end of the enthusiast market.  Their memory is very popular with enthusiasts and is regarded to be some of the finest available.  They have a few different ranges of memory available for different applications as well as a small range of solid state drives.


  • Enhanced Frequency – This product has been programmed to operate at the ideal frequency for your system when properly installed.
  • Enhanced Timings – This product has been programmed for timings that offer improved performance when properly installed.
  • Hand-Tested – This product has been tested by hand for quality assurance.
  • Lifetime Warranty – Quality guaranteed – we offer a lifetime warranty on this product and genuine, unmatched service and support.
  • Ridgeback Heatsink – This product is equipped with the Ridgeback™ heatsink.

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  • Dannie

    They make excellent memory kits, bit expensive though compared to some at the same speeds

  • Eran

    I bought a Mushkin kit a year ago and my system was never stable with the kit in. I have a very skilled friend who came around and worked out that one of the sticks was faulty. We had the kit replaced and the new one failed within a month. I had it replaced again.

    The last one is working still, but I would have concerns over their quality control.

  • Harris

    I would buy the redline memory, its much better grade for overclocking. this stuff is average. wouldnt touch it.