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Enermax Modu 82+ II 525W (ErP Lot 6) Power Supply Review

Rating: 9.0.

Enermax are highly respected in the enthusiast community, especially for their high quality power supplies. Today we are looking at an update on their new Modu 82+ II 525W unit, which adds EU regulation ‘ErPLot6’ compliancy.

These new revisions are being rolled out in 2011 to meet the new guidelines and the 525W model will be available from March 2011 onwards for around £100 inc vat. This is an 80 Plus Bronze unit with a reported 84%-88% efficiency.

So why another revision? ErP (Energy-related product) is a new directive to establish a framework for the setting of eco-design requirements. All products must meet the ecology design requirements and obtain the ‘CE’ certification. Only then, can the product be sold into the EU market.

ErP Lot 6 (previously EuP = Energy-using Products) is part of the EU FrameWork Directive on Eco-Design of Energy Using Products from the 21st of October 2009. A new regulation (no 1275/2008) states that from the 7th of January 2010 a PC system should not consume more than 1W during off state or standby. From the 7th of January 2013 the limit will change to 0.5W. In the future, only systems which meet this requirement will receive CE certification.

To meet this requirement a PSU is only part of the equation, the motherboard also has to be compliant, ultimately reducing power consumption and meeting the ErP Lot 6 demands. In the case of a power supply, the standby consumption depends on the efficiency of the 5V standby rail (5Vsb).

Enermax say “We improved the efficiency of the 5V standby rail to make its PSU ready for the newest EU standard. We gained around 20% efficiency on the 5Vsb rail – up to 55% instead of around 35% (0,09A load, 230V). The first models will be launched at the beginning of 2011 – series by series, starting with Pro82+ II and Modu82+ II. Enermax is one of the first PSU manufacturers to react on this regulation.”

80PLUS® Bronze efficiency

  • 84-88% efficiency at 230V and 20-100% load. 80PLUS® Bronze certified.

Intel ATX12V v2.3

  • Compliant with the latest desktop power supply design guide. Full support of most current CPU: Intel® Core 2 Duo™/ Quad™/ Extreme™ / i7™ / i5™ / i3™ and AMD® Athlon™ 64X2/X4 or Phenom™ X3/X4.

Future ready and flexible

  • All-round modular cable management. 10/12P sockets for possible connector changes of upcoming high-performance CPU and graphics card generations.

Stable and reliable

  • Three high performance and massive 12V rails.

New: DXXI ready!

  • Full support of most current DX11 graphics cards due to 6+2P (8P) connectors.

Full graphics power

  • Supports SLI™ systems (Modu82+ II 525W/625W) and CrossFireX™ systems.

New: HeatGuard

  • Keeping PSU fan running for 30-60 seconds after shut down to dissipate the remaining system heat and prolonging system lifetime.


  • Patented fuzzy logic 12cm fan speed control for optimal cooling and minimum noise.


  • Patented air-intake with optimal aero-dynamical design reduces noisy air turbulences.


  • Industry-leading octuple protection circuitry of OCP, OVP, AC UVP, DC UVP, OPP, OTP, SCP & SIP.

New: CordGuard

  • Fixing the AC cord tightly to avoid accidental shutdowns of your PC.

Non-Stop @ 40°C

  • Non-stop industrial class performance at 40°C/104°F ambient.

EMC ready!

  • Full-scale electromagnetic filtering protects against radiation interferences (CE EMC EN55024 compliance).

Worldwide compatibility

  • 100-240V AC input with automatic adjustment and up to 99% active Power Factor Correction (PFC) for global usage.

ENERGY STAR 5.0 ready!

  • Support computer system to meet ENERGY STAR 5.0 standard.


  • (W x H x D) 150mm x 85mm x 140mm.


  • 3 years vendor warranty.

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