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Payday 2 developers anger community with microtransactions

Payday 2 developers, Overkill Studios, have angered their community by implementing stat-changing microtransactions in to the heist shooter, despite previously saying that they wouldn’t. People were a little worried that Payday would go down this road a while back, though at the time the game’s producer reassured players that this wouldn’t happen. Now, it seems the developer has had a change of heart.

In the latest update to the game, dubbed the ‘Black Market Update’, new safes will be added to the game with random loot inside with game-changing effects, though you will need to fork out £1.60 for the drill to break in to them.


The loot found inside of these safes can also be sold on in the community market, similarly to how some of Valve’s own games work. The PayDay 2 Reddit has been flooded with angry fans, the Steam page has also been bombarded with negative reviews.

A lot of the anger likely extends from the fact that a lot of PayDay 2 players have already invested a lot in to the game with DLC purchases, something that PayDay has an awful lot of. Either way, this isn’t sitting well with the community at all and Overkill will likely need to issue a statement to fix this.

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KitGuru Says: A lot of people have supported Overkill Studios over the last few years, even when it comes to the mountain of DLC that the series has. The studio has even built up a ton of good will with its community. However, that trust appears to be pretty broken right now. How do you feel about PayDay 2 getting microtransactions? 

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