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Overkill apologises over recent Payday 2 updates

These last few weeks haven’t been great for Overkill Studios. The team decided to silently put microtransactions in to the game, which caused a lot of uproar amongst players. Then things got worse when additional bonuses were added to the new microtransaction system, which caused the game’s Steam Forum mods …

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Apparently PayDay 2 needs microtransactions to survive

Over the last week, Overkill Studios have found themselves in quite a bit of trouble after introducing microtransactions to PayDay 2. The studio didn’t offer any official comment until the weekend, when Overkill’s Almir Listo responded to questions in a Reddit AMA, explaining that PayDay 2 needed the extra revenue …

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Payday 2 developers anger community with microtransactions

Payday 2 developers, Overkill Studios, have angered their community by implementing stat-changing microtransactions in to the heist shooter, despite previously saying that they wouldn’t. People were a little worried that Payday would go down this road a while back, though at the time the game’s producer reassured players that this …

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Payday 2 to be supported for two more years

Overkill has announced that it plans to support its popular Heist title, Payday 2, for two more years, before moving on to a new game. This means that Payday 2 will keep getting new missions right up until 2017. That’s a lot of support, especially considering that the game launched …

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