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Payday 2’s microtransactions just got worse, forum mods quit in protest

The Payday 2 player base has been in uproar since a recent update to the game introduced microtransactions, despite the fact that Overkill Studios at one point said that they would never resort to them. These premium crates can grant gameplay bonuses to players, which many have taken issue with. Now, the system has become even worse and players are once again very annoyed.

Microtransactions now include both cash and XP boosts in-game. This addition was made just a couple of weeks after the initial microtransaction backlash settled down. Reddit is filled with negative feedback from players.


On top of that, the Steam forum mods for the game are now refusing to work, due to the sheer amount of backlash occurring right now, some of which is being directed at them: “We've recently been under a great deal of stress after the Crimefest update. A number of death threats thrown at us as well as much more heavy moderation needed due to a huge increase in users breaking the rules. We are not paid and have been in a very stressful situation”, one of the mods wrote.

“If Overkill decides to let us go as moderators it's something we are prepared for, I personally cannot sit by when they continue to promote immoral business practices. I felt the skins system needed work but could function. The recent safe update showed against that. I'm very sorry that it has come to this situation but the stress we have had to manage with, coupled with our unhappiness with the situation has pushed us to make this choice.”

Overkill initially justified its microtransactions by letting players know that base game and DLC sales weren't generating enough money to keep development costs afloat on a long-term basis.

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KitGuru Says: Overkill had it bad when microtransactions were first implemented but now it is almost like they are trying to push their players away. The Steam forum mods have even quit in protest, which goes to show just how strongly the players feel about these recent business decisions. It took Overkill well over a week to respond to comments last time this happened, so I wouldn't expect an official statement for a few days. 

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