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Payday 2 to be supported for two more years

Overkill has announced that it plans to support its popular Heist title, Payday 2, for two more years, before moving on to a new game. This means that Payday 2 will keep getting new missions right up until 2017.

That’s a lot of support, especially considering that the game launched back in 2013. So far, the title has been given plenty of updates and currently has a pretty big library of DLC to back it up.


Talking about the extra two years of support, Payday 2 producer, Almir Listo, wrote in a Steam Community post: “We are very excited about this. We love working on PAYDAY 2 and look forward taking care of our game for two more years, making new free updates, paid DLC’s and awesome campaigns together with the community”

This all came thanks to a new deal with Payday 2 publisher, 505 Games. Obviously the studio and the publisher have been happy with the DLC sales and as it stands, there is nothing particularly wrong with Payday 2, so there isn’t a real need to take a break and make a new standalone Payday game.

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KitGuru Says: What do you guys make of Overkill’s plan to keep making DLC for Payday 2 over the next two years? Payday seems to be very popular right now, even with its large library of DLC. Would you rather the team stopped and began making a new standalone Payday game? Or are you happy that they are sticking with the one game and just expanding on it?

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