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Payday 2 returns with Silk Road update and new DLCs

Over the last year or so, Starbreeze has been in a rough financial position, leading to the loss of The Walking Dead video game license, a publisher restructuring and the dropping of StarVR. Prior to this, Payday 2 development had officially ended, but that changed a couple of weeks ago with the announcement that Overkill would be returning to the game. Now this week, the first new patch for Payday 2 has gone live, alongside a free weekend on Steam and talks of new DLC. 

At one point, Payday 2 was one of the most popular games on Steam. Payday 2 Ultimate Edition was supposed to be the final version o the game and even includes a secret ending. Now, the Ultimate Edition has been rebranded as the Legacy Edition and new content is in the works. This new wave of content kicks off today with the ‘Silk Road' update, adding a new cosmetic system where outfits and masks can be mixed and matched separately.

The new update also includes an improved UI and six free cosmetic outfits for players to try. Alongside the free update is three new DLCs, the first is the Cartel Optics mod pack,, containing new sights and weapon attachments. Next is the Tailor Pack 1, containing an extra set of outfits with different colour variations.

Finally, the Border Crossing Heist DLC tops off the lineup, which is a new mission to dig into, which will split your squad up to take on different objectives. We can expect more Payday 2 content in the months to come while another team readies up Payday 3, which Starbreeze is hoping to publish in either 2022 or 2023.

KitGuru Says: Payday 2 is officially back with new content updates. Are any of you planning on jumping back in? 

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