Is the iPad 2 due at end of January?

The latest reports from the Far East indicate that Apple could release version 2 of the iPad in 3 weeks time, by the end of January. Apple have yet to confirm a single rumor on the new product, which has been the talk of many analysts since November.

Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg has even stated that a source close to him indicates that this might be the case, quoting a 1st February launch.

Other information from numerous sources would indicate that the iPad 2 will have a higher resolution display and will also have video chat support with front and back mounted cameras. All of this however is speculation as Apple are remaining close mouthed on any of the technology incorporated, as well as the release date. You can be sure however that it will be a massive seller, as Apple fanatics who own the original iPad will more than likely upgrade.

This is good for many people as the original iPad will become an Ebay favourite, at much lower prices.

Kitguru says: Will you be joining the iPad2 queues for a purchase?

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