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Corsair Vengeance 1100 Gaming Headset Review

Rating: 8.5.

We recently took a look at Corsair's latest flagship gaming headset, the Vengeance 1500, which impressed us on a number of levels.  The outstanding build quality and good sound quality were a winning combination that helped it achieve our most prestigious ‘Must Have' award. Corsair offered us a sample of one of the more ‘budget friendly' headsets in their latest range.

Today we are going to look at the Corsair Vengeance 1100 gaming headset which boasts an impressive feature set for the price.  One of the most interesting inclusions is a USB sound card dongle which is useful when using the headset with a laptop that has underpowered audio outputs or a poor quality sound card.  That said, if you have a high quality sound card, you can plug the headset straight in using the dual 3.5mm connectors.


  • High-performance 40mm drivers – accurate audio with sparkling high and deep lows
  • High-sensitivity, noise-cancelling, microphone with flexible boom – your team-mates hear you loud, and clear, whether in-game or just using voice chat
  • Lightweight, behind-the-neck fit and soft-touch materials – for exceptional playing comfort
  • Foam earpads – enhances comfort and allows you to play for longer
  • Supra-aural – sits comfortably on the ears; offers better awareness of external sounds
  • 3.5mm analog connection – compatible with quality sound cards and music players
  • USB dongle – handily connect to your keyboard’s USB hub; bypass low-quality soundcards

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  1. They certainly look radical. I think for comfort I would r ather spend extra on the 1500.

  2. I bought these for my brother for christmas present. they look good. Price is really low too for what you get I think.