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Nintendo Indie World Showcase returns tomorrow

While Nintendo has no plans to take part in Gamescom this year, the company will continue to host its own Direct showcases for new game announcements. The next Nintendo Direct has just been announced, focusing on upcoming Indie games heading to the Switch.  The Nintendo Indie World Showcase returns tomorrow, …

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Developers are already working with Sony’s upgraded PS5 Pro

There have been a few PlayStation 5 Pro leaks recently. At this point, all signs are pointing to the upgraded console arriving later this year, featuring an overclocked CPU and a beefer GPU with greater ray-tracing abilities. Now, a new report has added to all of this, corroborating the specs, while also confirming game developer's plans to support the updated hardware. 

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KitGuru Games: Seven promising indie games to look out for in 2024

Many gamers are burnt out on Triple A gaming at the moment, in no small part thanks to increasing costs and monetisation schemes, not to mention the industry's obsession with 'live service'. Fortunately, there are many fantastic games coming out all the time from independent developers, but with thousands of games releasing on Steam each year, finding those gems can be a bit of a task. We've rounded up seven of our favourite upcoming indie titles, all of which received new trailers during the Triple-i showcase.

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It looks like Destiny 3 is on the way

While Destiny 3 felt like a certainty at one point, after splitting off from Activision, Bungie made the decision to double down on Destiny 2 with years of extra content. At this point, it seemed that Destiny 2 would not be replaced anytime soon, even after its upcoming expansion, The …

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Elgato launches special edition Fallout-themed streaming gear

The Fallout TV series has officially arrived and to mark the occasion, Elgato is now launching its new special edition Fallout-themed streaming gear, with unique Fallout-inspired designs for many of its best streaming products. The Elgato Fallout Edition products span a full range, including a Stream Deck, which will also …

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