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Diablo III cross-platform play not possible

Unfortunately it doesn't look like you will ever be able to play Diablo III with friends on other platforms and console players also won't be getting Seasonal heroes according to Blizzard. Diablo III lead designer, Kevin Martens said that cross-platform play is “definitely not possible at this point with this game”

Speaking with Gamespot, he continued to say “We didn't build it that way, so the two ecosystems are closed. I'm trying to give you the most definitive, least PR answer there is, and that is no, we can't do that. What the Xbox and PlayStation networks do is different than what Battle.net does.”


Additionally, Martens explained that the console ecosystem prevents Blizzard from giving Xbox One and Playstation 4 players the new Seasons feature, which was introduced recently in a big content patch.

“Seasons requires always online, and that's one of the major differences in the ecosystems there. For seasonal conquests and things to be what they are, everyone has to be playing on the same leveled field. That's a great example for something that doesn't work for consoles.”

However, while console players can't create seasonal heroes, they do have some advantages such as offline play and the ability to gift rare items to friends: “On the PC side, given the history of it and the auction house and all that, we took out trading of the most powerful items, Legendaries, unless the other player was there when it dropped. Instead, we replaced it by just being way more generous with stuff so people don't miss that.”

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KitGuru Says: While it would be cool to be able to play Diablo III cross-platform, it's not essential and it is very rare that games do allow cross-platform play. I'm more excited for a new expansion, it didn't take me long to beat Reaper of Souls with my barbarian character. Are any of you guys still playing Diablo III? Which class do you use? I'm currently trying out the Wizard myself. 

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