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Twitch Affiliates now have access to more emotes

Twitch launched its Affiliate Programme two years ago, allowing smaller streamers to monetise their content. Now, the Amazon-owned platform is making changes that are even friendlier for content creators, bolstering the amount of emotes a channel can have.

“Nothing makes us happier than seeing your Chat flooded with custom emotes for your community. In fact, we love it so much, we’re making it even easier to unlock them,” Twitch explained in its blog post. “Starting today, we’re adding more emote slots to help Affiliates and Partners provide even more benefits to your community and subscribers, and help express what’s unique about your community by nurturing a shared language.”

Affiliate members still begin the programme with one Tier 1 emote slot regardless of whether they have any subscribers. Starting today, Affiliates with 15 subscribers or more will unlock a second emote slot. Those with 25, 35 or 50+ subscribers will have to wait until March, April and then May to unlock an additional emote slot bringing it to a total of five emotes in Tier 1, one Tier 2 and a single Tier 3 emote overall.

While fully fledged Partners will still have a total of 7 emote slots for passing the 65-subscriber barrier and an 8th slot for exceeding 80, all prior requirements have been lifted. This means that all Partnered streamers will now get 6 emote slots from the start.

Given that streaming is unpredictable, Twitch has ensured users that it will not penalise those that fluctuate in subscribers. The emote slot allocation will be rewarded by using the content creator’s maximum Subscriber Point total, meaning once a milestone has been achieved, it’s in the bag indefinitely.

KitGuru Says: Alongside being a major bonus for streamers and the community alike, this is sure to give a boost to artists across the world. I can’t wait to see what additions content creators will make.

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