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There is a Nintendo Switch beta scam floating around


The Nintendo Switch announcement has been exciting for many but unfortunately, there are those out there looking to take advantage of that. This week it emerged that a Nintendo Switch beta scam is doing the rounds, using fairly unsuspicious looking sites and a fake sign-up form to lure in Nintendo …

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Symantec: Millennials most likely to be victims of hacking


Considering the Millennial generation grew up with a greater access to technology than any that came before it, you would think that its members would be some of the most security conscious. It turns out that that couldn’t be further from the truth, with a new report from anti-viral firm …

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Yahoo admits employees knew about 2014 hack


Earlier this year, Yahoo finally officially confirmed that it was hacked back in 2014, leaving 500 million user accounts exposed. While Yahoo only just got around to confirming that it was hacked a few months ago, we did not know when the company first discovered the breach. However, this week …

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GAME to start selling games inside WHSmiths


As the world of gaming downloads more and more games and retreats ever further from the high-street, outlets like GAME are looking to remain relevant. Its latest effort includes teaming up with fellow real-world shopfront, WHSmith. Although the book seller stopped shifting games itself back in 2010, GAME will now …

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Nintendo to end Wii U production in Japan this month


Nintendo can be a funny company at times. We have known about Nintendo’s plans to release a new home console for quite some time now, which has periodically prompted rumours of the Wii U ceasing production. In fact, just last week Nintendo denied reports that Wii U production would be …

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ORG concerned over GCHQ sovereignty under new U.S. president


With the NSA and GCHQ so embedded with one another, concerns now arise that following the United States’ presidential election, will GCHQ be able to maintain some autonomy in a world where Trump is president? This a real concern for privacy lobbyists, like the Open Rights Group, which wonders if …

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Google to flag ‘repeat offenders’ with Safe Browsing


Google has had a ‘Safe Browsing’ option for its search engine for some time now and while it does flag potentially dangerous sites with malware, right now there are ways to circumvent being flagged. Some malicious sites will cease bad practices temporarily, wait for Google to remove the unsafe warnings …

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Facebook halts WhatsApp data gathering after ICO warning


The Information Commissioner’s Office in the UK has warned Facebook that it may pursue action against the social network over data gathering conducted as part of the WhatsApp messaging service. It claims that Facebook doesn’t inform its users enough about what it’s gathering. In response, Facebook has paused data gathering …

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