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Most Steam gamers are running Windows 10


Microsoft’s strategy of giving away free upgrades to Windows 10 looks to have been worthwhile, as a year and a half on from its release, most gamers on Steam are running it. While Windows 7 64 still maintains a foothold, nothing else even comes close. Windows 10 adoption rate has …

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Data-free music streaming breaches law, rules Dutch regulator

Offering a music streaming service to consumers which doesn’t use up their data package, has been ruled as a violation of net-neutrality laws, by a Dutch regulatory body. It claims that the service offered by T-Mobile in The Netherlands, is anti-competitive and must be stopped immediately. The Dutch Consumer and …

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The Steam Winter Sale is now live

If you haven’t bought a present for your gaming pals yet, then now’s the time to do so. Steam has launched its Winter Sale, giving us all a couple of days to pick up extra gaming gifts for friends… and ourselves more than likely. Steam doesn’t need any help selling …

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Lithuania claims Russia regularly cyber-attacks its systems

Although it’s generally accepted that all developed nations are constantly slinging digital warheads at each other – not to mention the bedroom hackers and hacktivists joining in for fun – it rarely feels too serious. In the case of Lithuania though, it’s concerned about the barrage of Russian attacks it’s …

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Dubai police are now using predictive crime software


We may have touch screens and automated cars, but one aspect of Minority Report technology we haven’t quite mastered yet, is pre-crime. Dubai is looking to lead the charge there though, with the introduction of new, predictive crime software, which claims to be able to predict where crimes are more …

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G2A is overhauling its Shield service


Key sales website, G2A, is looking to change up the purpose and function of its Shield service. Initially designed as purely a form of insurance against bad keys, it is now being overhauled into a form of premium membership, complete with game bundles, better chat support and more features set …

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British companies to face big fines if data breaches occur


Despite being inclined to have firms collect endless amounts of data on their customers, the British government does at least want them to protect it. Accepting a new EU law, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), means that when introduced in 2018, British firms will be mandated to …

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Super Mario Run is the fastest growing mobile app ever


Super Mario Run might have annoyed a lot of people by restricting the majority of its content behind a paywall, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been popular. In fact it’s the fastest growing app ever, even beating out the likes of Pokémon Go. In the four days following its …

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The Mummy IMAX trailer sounded like a joke

In what should be taken as a lesson to always, always proof something before you put it online, the quickly pulled IMAX trailer for The Mummy reboot has been drawing a lot of interest since its re-upload. It’s not clear why, but much of the sound appears to be missing, only …

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Netgear has fixed the major problem with Nighthawk routers


Earlier this month a bug was discovered in Netgear Nighthawk routers that left them vulnerable to hacks. While there was much concern about how widespread the vulnerability was, Netgear has now addressed the problem and is rolling out a firmware update worldwide. Models that were confirmed to be affected by the …

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UK VPN usage explodes as Digital Economy Bill progresses


The use of virtual private networks (VPNs) has increased dramatically in the UK as the controversial Digital Economy Bill and Investigatory Powers Bill have progressed through parliament. In the case of some VPNs, UK customers have more than doubled, with many concerned for their privacy and access to content. The …

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