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Nintendo promises to do better with launch of NX console

Although the Wii u did manage to gain some traction at various points over the past few years, it never garnered the mainstream attention afforded to the PS4 and Xbox One. That’s something Nintendo wants to change with its next-generation system, the NX, expected to launch in March 2017. “One …

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Earthquake zone residents urged to leave Wi-Fi open


In the wake of the Italian earthquake which has claimed the lives of several hundred people, local residents of stricken areas are being asked to remove the password protection on their Wi-Fi networks, as mobile networks continue to remain down. The Italian Red Cross put the call out first, as …

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Microsoft quietly cancels Halo Online on PC


Back in March of last year, Microsoft revealed that it had hired a Russian developer to re-create Halo multiplayer on the PC using a modified version of the Halo 3 engine. There was a catch though, the game was free to play and strictly limited to Russia. Obviously, it didn’t …

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The Epic Games forum has been hacked again


In mid-July last year the Epic Games forum had been hacked, leaving thousands of users compromised. Now, just over a year later, history has repeated itself, this time though, over 800,000 logins have been stolen. Records of private messages, email addresses and more were also taken in the attack according …

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PlayStation accounts finally have two-step verification


The PlayStation network has historically not been the most secure. It has suffered at least one major breach over the last several years, during which millions of accounts were compromised. Now, it looks like Sony is beginning to step its game up, as the company has now made two-step verification …

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New PS4 slim model confirmed real in new video


Over the weekend, a mysterious PlayStation 4 Slim appeared in a couple of sale listings on Gumtree here in the UK. This caught quite a bit of attention as while we have heard a lot about the PS4 Neo, there had been no rumours surrounding an additional PS4 Slim. It …

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PS4 Slim shows up online, probably not a fake


With Sony expected to unveil two new versions of its PlayStation 4 in the coming weeks, we may have our first look at one of them already. Listed on Gumtree before being purchased, unboxed and pictured online, the PS4 Slim – if real – looks like a trimmer, rounded corner …

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Prey gameplay footage shown off at Gamescom

It looks like Bethesda came to Gamescom this year armed with a few surprises, one of them being new gameplay footage for Prey, Arkane Studios’ reboot of the franchise. The game was officially announced at E3 this year with a cinematic trailer, though it didn’t give much away in terms …

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