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What games are you playing this weekend?


With Black Friday giving sites like GoG and GreenManGaming a good excuse to discount games, and Steam running its usual Autumn sale, there are a tonne of games on offer today and over the next few days. That means that there’s a good chance that this weekend you guys are playing …

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Football Manager 2017 Brexit feature angers gamers


Football Manager 2017 might be a well selling title, but it’s taken a bit of a thrashing in reviews on various platforms. Most gamers have complained about the social feed, glitchy AI and problematic crashes, but some have been annoyed by another random feature: Brexit. The game randomly introduces the …

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Playdead drops Denuvo protection for Inside


Playdead, the developer of hit creepy, indie side-scroller, Inside, has ditched anti-tamper software, Denuvo from the game just as the Steam Autumn Sale hit. Considering Denuvo has proved so successful in protecting other games, it’s quite a surprising move to see it ditched, especially during a sale period. Denuvo has …

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Vertagear unleashes new range of Triigger chairs


Vertagear might be a relatively new company to the world of gaming chairs but we have liked the company’s previous SL4000 and SL6000 offerings quite a bit. However, not everyone is after a highly stylised gaming chair, some would prefer something a little more suited to an office environment and …

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Intel announces most hackable gifts this Christmas


A new report from Intel Security has suggested less than two thirds of all consumers take the time to properly secure their new gadgets and with the Christmas period coming up, that likely means a lot of unsecured devices joining the Internet of Things. So at this busy time of year …

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Mega confirms breach, but claims user data still safe


The Mega file locker has admitted that some of its corporate data, specifically relating to its blog and help-centre system was stolen by hackers. However, it categorically denies claims that its main file locker system has been compromised, and promises users that their data is safe and secure. When initially …

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There is a Nintendo Switch beta scam floating around


The Nintendo Switch announcement has been exciting for many but unfortunately, there are those out there looking to take advantage of that. This week it emerged that a Nintendo Switch beta scam is doing the rounds, using fairly unsuspicious looking sites and a fake sign-up form to lure in Nintendo …

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