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n-Code showcases more talent @ CeBIT

We all love innovation. But how do you take a smart idea from the drawing board to the boardroom? n-Code has one answer.

The largest exhibit at CeBIT 2014 is the one belonging to n-Code.

Situated tight in the middle of the main PC technology hall, it provides a ‘show off’ point for 50 smart new companies from across the world.

Presentations will be made and meetings held, at the end of which, lucky winners will be given access to experts and funding to help make their dreams real.

One such company is G-Predictive, run by Bjorn Goerke (German chap, Swedish name).

He has been working for many years with his business partner as a consultant for the advertising industry. His role was to look at campaigns and help clients decide ‘What happened? Was it successful?’

All well and good if you’re a multi-national corporation with a huge budget available to pay experts to generate such reports.

“We thought ‘what if this could be automated, made affordable and accessible'”, Bjorn told us. “A simple tool that could tell you what an expensive advertising campaign would deliver, before you spend a penny”.

“So we quit our jobs, put a huge effort into research and development”, he said.  “Now we’re ready to launch using software-as-a-service technology to deliver our technology to small and medium sized businesses for £2-3,000 a month”.

KitGuru says: We’re not sure if Bjorn will win this year with G-Predictive, but we love and applaud the n-Code concept.

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