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Acer president falls out with board and resigns

Acer have announced the resignation of their chief executive and president GianFranco Lanci. He is leaving immediately.

A company spokesperson said that Lanci held different views from the majority of the board, which lead to a rift which could not be healed, despite several months of negotiations between the parties. The problems related to many areas, such as growth and scale and customer value creation. Acer say that nothing will change and that the company will function as normal. Current chairman of the board J.T. Wang will take on the role of acting chief executive and president.

Wang said “The personal computer remains the core of our business. We have built up a strong foundation and will continue to expand within, especially in the commercial PC segment. In addition, we are stepping into the new mobile device market, where we will invest cautiously and aim to become one of the leading players.

“In this new ICT industry, Acer needs a period of time for adjustment. With the spirit of entrepreneurship, we will face new challenges and look to the future with confidence.” he added.

KitGuru says: It must have been a heated disagreement for Lanci to walk.

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