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The Best of Computex 2024!

The KitGuru team has returned to UK shores after a week in Taipei covering as much as humanly possible at Computex this week. As we wrap up our final pieces of coverage, we thought it would be fun to put together a best-of, so if you want a breakdown of all the best moments from the week, this is the one to watch. 

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Update on our Acer RTX 4090 article

This time last week, we published an article taking a close look at an Acer-branded liquid cooled RTX 4090 graphics card. Although not available standalone as the GPU can only be purchased as part of the Predator Orion X prebuilt, we took at look at the GPU itself and assessed …

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Acer introduces three Nitro curved gaming monitors

In a recent announcement, Acer revealed a new lineup of three curved gaming displays that feature VA panels with a 1500R curvature. These displays come with AMD FreeSync Premium and HDR10 support, as well as other features like “Visual Response Boost” to minimise image blur and an 11-level “black boost” …

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Acer Predator A380 graphics card spotted on Amazon

Acer isn't typically known for graphics cards, but with Intel entering the market, it looks like Acer will be jumping on as a board partner. New leaks suggest that Acer will be releasing two Arc graphics cards, a custom A770, and a blower-style A380.  Spotted by @momomo_us on Amazon, the …

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Acer is ushering in a new age of 3D with their latest gaming laptop

For decades, we have had a love-hate relationship with 3D. From its earliest iterations using blue and red lenses to the 3D TV boom of the late 2000s. Unfortunately, 3D’s cool factor was always outweighed by the inconvenience of needing to wear glasses, among other technological limitations. A decade on from the Nintendo 3DS, Acer is bringing the 3rd dimension back into gaming...

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