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Acer reveals its upcoming Predator RTX 4090 and RX 7000 custom graphics cards

Acer debuted as an AIB partner with Intel, but the company isn't stopping there. Just recently, it was revealed that Acer plans to expand its custom graphics card operation with Nvidia and AMD GPUs. The company has now showcased two designs for their upcoming RTX 4090 and RX 7000 cards. 

The two custom graphics cards we're talking about can be seen in a video from Gamers Nexus, which had the chance to look at these models in person. One intriguing prototype showcased during the visit was the RTX 4090 card, featuring an integrated liquid cooler with no external radiator.

The liquid cooling system boasts a 22.4 cm wide radiator with two fans and two pumps on each side. A cold plate with a flat copper area sits atop the radiator, resembling EVGA's AIO/Hybrid designs. This copper plate provides coverage for both the GPU and VRAM while the radiator extends to encompass the VRM section on either side of the GPU.

However, the RTX 4090 Predator isn't the sole card currently undergoing active development. Gamers Nexus also had the opportunity to preview an unnamed Predator Radeon RX 7000 card. Although Acer did not confirm the exact model, this is likely a high-end RX 7900 variant.

Sporting a large triple-slot and triple-fan design in a sleek black and silver colour scheme, the card is powered by two 8-pin power connectors, with room for a potential third connector. Even if we don't know what GPU is beneath it, it's strongly hinted by the cooling solution that it's a Radeon RX 7900 series. Considering the other RX 7000 series GPUs AMD has released, the only alternative would be the Radeon RX 7600, which doesn't need such a cooler.

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KitGuru says: It is important to note that the final design of these cards may still change. Nevertheless, based on the current appearance, these cards may already be close to their final form.

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