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KitGuru folders walk away with big prizes

KitGuru started a [email protected] team only a few months ago, and we are already in the top 500 sites, at position 347 as I write this. This meteoric rise to fame has been possible thanks to our active community who devote a lot of time into ensuring the momentum continues. I dread to think of some of the electricity bills being racked up however.

As I promised, I will be rewarding some of the people with random prizes and today I am handing out some goodies to our team members.

XClocker rose to top position and currently has a staggering 4,204,945 points. I will be sending him an overclocked, modified HD6870 graphics card with one of the nicest coolers on the market.

Other members such as Haggard will be getting a high quality gamers ram DDR3 kit, as will Fisshy. I will try and reward people who try hard but who don’t have the hardware to rank in the top positions. Sahara Mafia will be getting a brand new power supply.

How do you take part in this great cause? You can join up over here and remember none of the people are in this for the prizes, but its just my way of helping drive the momentum. I will be handing out more prizes in the summer.

Special thanks to moderator Agencyman (aka Bruce) for giving so much of his time to helping organise all this.

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What is [email protected]?

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If you want to take part in this then head over to our forums here and sign up. Remember, above all else, this is for a good cause and worth your time.

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