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Android tablets will overtake Apple iPad: report

Research firm Informa announced some interesting analysis today, claiming that sales of Google Android tablets will surpass Apple’s iPad by 2016.

Informa are claiming that Apple’s current 75 percent dominance will drop to 39 percent by 2015, while Google Android will grow to 38 percent.

David McQueen, a member of the Informa analyst team issued a statement which said “”From 2013, as cheaper and more advanced Android tablets enter the market, we forecast that sales will pick up considerably, eventually surpassing iPad sales in 2016.”

The tablet market is thriving, but mainly for Apple, as their dominance continues. There are indications however that the Google powered tablets are starting to gain some traction, and the Galaxy Tab from Samsung is the current Android leader. Amazon are set to enter into this sector with the release of their upcoming tablet, which should be competitively priced and have direct support via the Amazon store, in a similar fashion to the Kindle.

McQueen added “We have seen a huge explosion in the tablet market in recent years, driven primarily by the iPad, and we estimate that the market will go from strength to strength, growing from under 20 million tablets sold in 2010, to over 230 million in 2015.”

Kitguru says: The iPad has the market right now, but it looks set to change.

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