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Chrome growth on track to oust Firefox

Data tracking firm Statcounter have released information which show a huge rise in adoption for Google's Chrome browser. Usage share has increased by eight percent since the start of the year, to a claimed 23.16 percent marketshare.

With the expansion of Chrome, the figures show a decline for Firefox, dropping 4 percent since the start of the year, to 27.39 percent. Concerns are also being raised for the leading Microsoft browser Internet Explorer, which has also lost a four percent share of the pie. It still however holds a 41.89 claim to the browser throne.

Obviously a high percentage of Microsoft's market share figures are due to the ‘default' installation with Windows operating systems, however it would appear that a wider audience are finally waking up to the alternatives available.

While other analysis tools show different market share figures for the leading browsers, they all confirm that Chrome is on route to dispose of Firefox to claim second position, perhaps even by as soon as Q1/Q2 2012.

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