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Crysis becomes a reality: US Robot Soldier exoskeleton suits – XOS 2.0

Two companies in the USA are developing exoskeleton suits – these are powerful robotic suits to give the human soldiers powerful strength and other abilities.

The XOS creators come from UTAH and are currently seen as playing second fiddle to California's HULC – but they are stepping up the conflict with the latest generation of their powered suit.

The XOS has been bought over by US arms company Raytheon – to compete with the HULC super soldier suit which has been bought by Lockheed. A video has been taken (above) to pair up with the release of Iron Man 2 on DVD. We however feel this is the beginning of Crysis nanosuit technology!

Crysis becoming a reality - hopefully the real life suits don't speak!

“With the popularity of the Iron Man movies, people wonder if I feel like Iron Man when I suit up,” said XOS test pilot Rex Jameson. “I usually tell them that I can’t speak for Tony Stark, but when I’m in the suit I feel like me, only a faster, stronger version of me. Given that his character lives in a California mansion and owns a stable of very fast race cars, that’s probably as close as we’ll come to a shared experience.”

Sadly, like your PC, the suit needs plugged into a power source, and its not practical to be carrying around a mains adapter, they reckon that they will be able to use an internal combustion engine, the only form of portable power which could power XOS. It is however still some time away from becoming a reality – five to ten years away at best guesstimate.

KitGuru says: So while the suit is under development and shaping up fast, it seems that getting enough power to it, in a mobile environment is going to prove the challenge.

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  1. Seems crysis suits had the same problem, their special powers lasted a whole 4-5 seconds at a time. what a crap game that was.

  2. Quite funny how crap they look, compared to the movies. reality is so far behind Industrial Light and Magic 🙂