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Eric Schmidt ‘no comment’ as Jobs bio claims Google stole ideas

Eric Schimdt has said that Google is a great innovator and hasn't been sucked into a debate on comments that Steve Jobs made in his biography, written by Walter Issacson. Schmidt spoke to reporters in Seoul and said that he was very sad over his death and feels that it isn't right he makes a comment on the biography.

The best selling biography was released after Steve Jobs died and parts of the book claim that Google have stolen some of Apple's ideas, especially when it comes to the release of Android for smartphones.

Schmidt took the high road and said “I decided not to comment on comments that are written in the book after his death. I don’t think it’s right.” adding that he dearly misses the man.

Eric Schmidt: took the high road in a press conference

Jobs died on October 5th, aged only 56, after losing a battle with cancer. Schmidt has plenty of experience with Jobs as he served on the Apple board from 2006 to 2009, but stood down when Google went head to head against Apple in the smartphone sector.

Schmidt said “Most people would agree that Google is a great innovator, and I would also point out that the Android efforts started before the iPhone efforts. And that’s all I have to say.”

We are sure there will be more discussion and commentary on the matter in the coming months, but Jobs clearly had an issue with Google and some of their practices if the biography is anything to go by.

Kitguru says: Schmidt took the delicate route of praising Jobs and mourning his passing, rather than an indepth analysis of the biography commentary.

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