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Downing street too close to tech-firms claim critics

Criticism of the recent government deal struck with Google over back-tax that saw it pay just £130 million of an estimated £2 billion in missing payments, is growing. Now several politicians and industry heads are claiming that Google and other tech firms enjoy far too cosy a relationship with the …

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Eric Schmidt predicts tech trends in 2014

There are a few people around the world that while not necessarily developing the latest and greatest technology themselves, have been around the block long enough that when they start throwing out predictions about the future, chances are a few of them are going to stick. One such person is …

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Eric Schmidt shown how North Korean’s “Google”

Eric Schmidt

During his humanitarian trip to North Korea, Google's Eric Schmidt has been shown how some of the country's most privileged access the internet. In such a strictly controlled society, only a select few are given access to the internet. Schmidt was shown how students work as part of his visit to an …

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Google’s Eric Schmidt is going to North Korea

Kim Jong-Un

Eric Schmidt is set to visit North Korea as part of a humanitarian mission, along with Bill Richardson, a former democratic New Mexico governor who is known for his skill in sensitive negotiations. While there are a few reasons the pair are thought to be going, the US government has said they …

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Google dodged £1 billion in taxes

Google Dodge

As part of a call for a global crackdown on tax avoidance, it has been revealed that Google is one of the biggest culprits. In 2011, the search giant pushed 80 per cent of its revenue, some £6 billion, through the island of Bermuda, thereby avoiding over £1 billion in …

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All of humanity to own an Android phone one day

Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt has given a keynote speech at Mobile World Congress today, his third in as many years. He touched on the fact that everyone could at some stage could own an Android smartphone if current levels of growth are maintained. This will be done by extending …

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New Android Phone to replace credit cards

Eric Schmidt, Google CEO showcased the new Android power phone which contains a processor to allow people to make payments via their handsets. Schmidt opened this years Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco and he showed the new phone which had the manufacturer's label covered up. Everyone has assumed this …

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