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Google CEO – we don’t want employees using Windows

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has been rather proactive in his campaign against Windows with reports that he ‘ordered' his employees to move away from Windows machines.

The Financial Times reported that Google have started to tell their employees that they are no longer able to request Windows based PCs instead offering them Macintosh or Linux systems – for security reasons. This is a dramatic change of stance for Google, as they have always offered employees their choice of work based operating systems.

Google CEO Eric Schmidt – ‘is that Windows 7 you are using?'
Is this purely a political reason? Well according to the Financial Times, an attack on Windows and Internet Explorer 6 resulted in Google intellectual property being stolen. This was reportedly source code on some level, late last year. We can't help but make an argument why employees were running V6 of Internet Explorer in 2009 in the first place.

Some google employees will still be able to use Windows machines, but they must get special permission – perhaps a signed letter from Bill Gates?

CNET tried to get a comment on the matter from Google, but they declined to comment ‘on specific operational matters'.

KitGuru says: Chrome OS, according to Schmidt is ‘the future'. Time will tell.

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