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Nissan to fix 5,000 Leaf cars: startup problem

KitGuru doesn't often write editorials on the motoring sector, but the Nissan Leaf is a very exciting piece of technology which was the first total electric design. Sadly for Nissan the initial launch hasn't gone as smoothly as was hoped.

They are launching a repair service to fix more than 5,000 of their cars, in response to the vehicles start up problems. They said in a statement “This is not a safety issue as the vehicle will not stop running while being driven, but may not restart once it is turned off.”

All 8,000 models which have been built in Japan and America will be covered by the repair service, though only a ‘very small proportion' of the vehicles have been affected by the glitch, according to Nissan.

Customers will be told to contact dealers for the free repair and in some cases dealers will arrange to perform the software update at a work place or even the customers home, Nissan Spokesman Brian Brockman said.

Nissan added in their statement “We are fully aware that this issue may have inconvenienced some of our customers.”

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